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Temperature-resistant electric detonator



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Product Description

Use:This product is applicable to the blasting engineering of oil deep well perforation and other high temperature places.


Specifications and performance indicators:

Type ZP W160/2h-A ZP W160/2h-C ZP W180/2h-A ZP W180/2h-A1 ZP W180/2h-B
Shell length (mm) 40 50 53 40 40
Diameter (mm) 7.1 7.2 Large φ8/Small φ7 7.1 7.1
Shell Material Aluminum alloy
Conductor length (m) 0.3 _ 0.3 0.3 0.3
Resistance (Ω) 52~58
Safety current 0.2A,5min
ignition current 0.8A
Temperature resistance 160 ℃,2h 160 ℃,2h 180 ℃,2h 180 ℃,2h 180 ℃,2h
Antistatic index 25kV/500Pf, string 5kΩ resistance
Detonating cord connecting block There are None None None There are
Casing None None There are None None
Failure hole There are There are None None There are
Initiation capacity: the product can completely detach the lead skin detonating cord and other oil and gas well detonating cord.
Water resistance: the product with water inlet failure hole shall meet the requirements of 0.7MPa (equivalent to 70m water depth). After 10min, the product shall not catch fire in the wet state.

1. Check the resistance in the protective measures before use, and the test current shall not exceed 0.01A.
2. When handling, it should be handled with care, friction and impact are strictly prohibited, and it should be away from fire, power, and heat sources to avoid sunlight, rain, and moisture.
3. It is prohibited to use in thunderstorm days.

Storage conditions:
Sealed packaging conditions, stored in a well-ventilated, dry, fire-proof, anti-theft warehouse.
Shelf life: the product in the original packaging state, shelf life of 3 years.

Packing form:
Foreign trade: the inner packaging of this product is cardboard box and vacuum packaging bag, and the outer packaging is corrugated box.
Domestic trade: the inner packaging of this product is corrugated carton plus anti-static plastic bag, and the outer packaging is corrugated carton.

Packing specifications and indicators:

Type ZP W160/2h-A ZP W160/2h-C ZP W180/2h-A ZP W180/2h-A1 ZP W180/2h-B
Packing quantity (issued) 100 100 200/500 200/500 100/200
Carton size 490*240*250 490*240*250 350*220*200
Net weight 1kg 1kg 3kg/7.5kg 3kg/7kg 1kg
gross weight 5.4kg 5.4kg 5kg/9.5kg 5kg/9kg 5.4kg

UN Nos. UN0456, UN0360
Hazard classification and fitting category: 1.4S/1.4B/1.1B




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