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Seismic exploration electric detonator



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Product Description

Seismic exploration electric detonators are composed of wires and foundation detonators, which are suitable for detonating various seismic source bombs to investigate geological structure and mineral distribution; they can also be used for blasting projects in underground or open-air places without gas and dust explosion hazards.

Specifications and models

Product Name Shell Material detonator length Extension time Core material and diameter Wire length
Seismic exploration electric detonator Iron, copper 50mm ≤ 1ms Copper 0.40mm
Copper 0.45mm
Copper 0.60mm
2m (can be determined according to user needs)

performance index
● Initiation ability: it can burst through a lead plate with a thickness of 5mm, and the perforation diameter of the lead plate shall not be less than the outer diameter of the detonator.
● Tensile performance: the product shall last for 1min under the static tension of 19.6N, and the sealing plug and foot line shall not be damaged or moved visually, and shall be reliably detonated.
● Water resistance: the product is immersed in 0.3MPa (equivalent to 30m) water, kept for 72h, and reliably detonated after being taken out.
● Maximum non-ignition current: apply a constant DC current of 0.2A for 5min without explosion.
● Minimum ignition current: the minimum ignition current of the detonator is not greater than 0.45A.
● Series initiation current: when 20 detonators are connected in series, 3.5A constant DC current shall be applied for 20ms, and all detonators shall be fired.
● Antistatic: capacitor 500pF, series 5kΩ resistor, voltage 25KV, the detonator foot-shell discharge should not explode.
● RF resistance: in line with GJB151A/152A-97 standard RS103 10KHz ~ 18GHz electric field radiation sensitivity requirements.

Method of use
Before use, the detonator resistance shall be checked one by one in the explosion-proof protective facilities. The working current of the instrument used shall not be greater than 0.03A. The open-circuit detonator shall short-circuit the wire tail and be destroyed in time.
When blasting in groups in series, the detonator foot line should be connected first, and finally connected with the wire of the power supply.

● When transporting, it should be handled with care, and friction and impact are strictly prohibited.
● Keep away from fire and heat sources to prevent sun, rain and moisture.
● When using, the resistance should be detected in the protective facilities, and the detection current should not exceed 0.03A.
● It is forbidden to use the detonator as a drilling tool.
● This product shall not coexist with explosives, detonating cord and seismic source charge.

Storage conditions:Sealed packaging conditions, stored in a well-ventilated, dry, fire-proof, anti-theft warehouse.
Validity Period:The shelf life is 24 months from the date of manufacture.
Packing:The inner packaging of this product is corrugated box, and the outer packaging is wooden box, which meets the requirements of GB8031.

Size of packing box (mm)

Product Name Land transportation 1.1B Outer packing
Packing size mm Packing quantity
Common exploration electric detonator
(0.4 core)
535 × 430 × 255 2000 hair (0.45 m) Wooden box
640 × 280 × 290 1000 hair (1 m) Wooden box
620 × 345 × 290 1000 hair (2 m) Wooden box
580 × 475 × 225 200 hair (15 m) Wooden box
655 × 295 × 305 150 hair (25 m) Wooden box

UN Number: UN 0360
Hazard classification and fitting category: 1.1B




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