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Seismic exploration type electronic detonator



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Product Description

Overview:This product is suitable for oil seismic exploration operations.

Technical parameters:

Product Name detonator specifications Shell Material Shell Material Foot line length Foot line specifications
Seismic exploration type electronic detonator No. 8 Blue steel shell Blue steel shell 0.45m (can be adjusted according to user requirements) Single strand copper core wire, wire diameter 0.5mm

Main performance indicators:
● Seismic performance: placed in a vibration testing machine with cam rotation speed of (60±1)r/min and falling height of (150±2)min, vibrate continuously for 10min without explosion, loose structure or damage, and the electronic detonator shall be able to detonate normally.
● Water resistance: Immerse the electronic detonator in water with a pressure of (0.5±0.02)MPa at room temperature for 72h; after being taken out, the electronic detonator shall be able to detach normally.
● Tensile performance: apply a static tensile force of 19.6N to the sealing plug for 1min. The sealing plug and foot line shall not be visually damaged and moved, and the detonator shall be able to normally explode.
● Temperature resistance: it should be able to detonate normally after being kept at 85 ℃ and -40 ℃ for 4h; No explosion will occur after being kept at 100 ℃ for 4h.
● Delay accuracy: delay time ≤ 250 μs, range ≤ 80us.
● Radio frequency sensitivity: a radio frequency source with a power of 10W is used to inject radio frequency energy into the detonator. Under the two modes of foot line-foot line and foot line-tube shell, the detonator will not explode.
● Anti-voltage performance: apply 48v DC voltage or 220v/50Hz AC voltage to the electronic detonator for 10s, and the detonator shall not explode.
● Electrostatic sensitivity: under the conditions of capacitance 500pF, series resistance 5000Ω and charging voltage 25kV or under the conditions of capacitance 2000pF, series resistance 0Ω and charging voltage 8kV, the electronic detonator shall not explode when discharging the detonator foot-foot wire and foot wire-shell;
● Initiation ability: It can blow through 5mm thick lead plate, and the diameter of perforation should not be less than the outer diameter of electronic detonator.

Method of use:
● Get the ciphertext file: Log in to the civil explosion system to get the ciphertext file, which is valid for 3 days.
● Single-hair test: Before use, please carry out single-hair test on the product under safety protection conditions to ensure that the product is normal.
● Entry, charging and packing of detonator
● detonator entry: enter the product according to the scheme scan code → view the scheme.
● Connected networking: connect the product to the gun line.
● Network detection: connect the gun line with the initiator → detect outside the safe distance.
● Initiation: alert → click on timing to start the detonation → high voltage charging → the detonator is in the state of waiting for detonation → detonation.
● Post-explosion inspection: after confirming the safety of the explosion zone according to the blasting regulations, the post-explosion inspection shall be carried out on the explosion zone.

● When transporting, it should be handled with care, and friction and impact are strictly prohibited.
● Keep away from fire and heat sources to prevent sun, rain and moisture.
● It is forbidden to use the detonator as a drilling tool.
● This product shall not coexist with explosives and detonating cord.

Storage conditions:Sealed packaging conditions, stored in a well-ventilated, dry, fire-proof, anti-theft warehouse.
Shelf life:The shelf life is 24 months from the date of manufacture.
Packing form:The packing box shall be a wooden box conforming to WJ83 or a carton with a performance not lower than WJ/T9010, with a box size of 640 × 280 × 290 and a packing quantity of 1000 rounds.




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