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Delayed initiation system for detonating tube



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Product Description

The detonating tube delayed initiation system consists of surface detonating tube, surface foundation detonator, in-hole foundation detonator, bayonet plug and connecting piece. It is suitable for blasting engineering without gas and mine dust explosion hazard on the surface and underground, and is not affected by stray current, static electricity and radio frequency when used.

Specifications and models

Product Name Shell Material detonator length Extension time length of detonating tube
Delayed initiation system for detonating tube Surface: aluminum alloy
In-Hole: Iron
Surface: 54mm
Hole: 58~86mm
Combination of surface detonators and in-hole detonators 3m (can be determined according to user needs)

performance index
● The detonating tube is a yellow high-strength detonating tube with an outer diameter of 2.8mm ~ 3.4mm and an inner diameter of 0.9mm ~ 1.1mm.
● Initiation capacity: the surface end can explode through a lead plate with a thickness of 2mm; The inner end of the hole can explode through a lead plate with a thickness of 5mm; The perforation diameter of the lead plate is larger than the outer diameter of the detonator.
● Tensile performance: under 39.2N static tension for 1min, the detonating tube will not escape from the bayonet plug.
● Water resistance: the product is immersed in 0.2MPa (equivalent to 20m) of water for 24h, and the product is reliably detonated after being taken out.
● Initiation performance of connectors: Each "J" type connector of the surface delay detonator can detach 1~6 detonators. The detonating tube shall be arranged in a single layer in turn in the J-type connector, and superposition is not allowed.

Method of use
When the delay detonator used in one blasting is a product with different delay time, the delay time mark on the detonator should be clearly recognized. According to the gun distribution scheme, the guns are loaded at different delay times, and then connected according to the designed networking method.

● When transporting, it should be handled with care, and friction and impact are strictly prohibited.
● Keep away from fire and heat sources to prevent sun, rain and moisture.
● Ensure that all detonating tubes are reliably stuck in the connecting pieces during network connection, and it is strictly prohibited to bury the connecting pieces during use.
● If the detonating tube is cut or damaged due to improper use, moisture or water immersion will lead to misfired.

Storage conditions:Sealed packaging conditions, stored in a well-ventilated, dry, fire-proof, anti-theft warehouse.
Validity Period:The shelf life is 24 months from the date of manufacture.
Packing:The inner packaging of this product is plastic bags, and the outer packaging is corrugated box, which meets the GB19417 requirements.

Size of packing box (mm)

Product Name Land transportation 1.1B Outer packing
Packing size mm Packing quantity  
Delayed initiation system for detonating tube 570 × 300 × 300 120 hair (5 m, 6 m) Carton
570 × 300 × 300 100 hair (7 m ~ 9 m) Carton
570 × 300 × 300 80 rounds (12 m) Carton
570 × 300 × 300 60 rounds (18 m ~ 21 m) Carton
570 × 300 × 300 50 rounds (25 m) Carton
570 × 300 × 300 40 rounds (30 m) Carton

UN Number: UN 0360
Hazard classification and fitting category: 1.1B.




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