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Ordinary type electronic detonator



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Product Description

Overview:It is suitable for blasting projects such as underground or open-air places and excavated tunnels without gas and dust explosion hazards.


Product Name Shell Material detonator length Foot line specifications Foot line length Ground connection
General purpose electronic detonator Iron 85mm Outer diameter Φ3mm wire core Φ0.5mm steel wire 3m (can be determined according to user needs) Φ0.6mm core copper wire

performance index
● Delay time: 0ms ~ 12000ms, which can be set on site.
● Networking capability: the 1m ~ 10m foot line of a single initiator can detach 400 detonators at one time, the 11m ~ 20m foot line can detach 300 detonators at one time, and the cascade mode can detach 2000 detonators at one time.
● Initiation ability: it can burst through a lead plate with a thickness of 5mm, and the perforation diameter of the lead plate shall not be less than the outer diameter of the detonator.
● Electrostatic sensitivity: under the conditions of 500pF capacitance, 5000Ω series resistance and 25kV charging voltage, the product will not explode when discharging the foot-shell and foot-foot.
● Anti-AC and DC performance: AC220V, DC48V, keep for 10s, the product does not explode.
● Temperature resistance: the product can be reliably detonated for 4h at a low temperature of -40 ℃; it can be reliably detonated for 4h at a high temperature of 85 ℃.
● Water resistance: Immerse in 0.5MPa (equivalent to 50m) water for 72h to reliably detach.

Method of use:
Note: Please read the instruction manual of the industrial digital electronic detonator initiation system carefully before use, and operate the equipment according to the requirements of the instruction manual.
1. Equipment Registration: Log in to the "Civil Explosion Information System Network Service Platform" for registration, set explosion ban rules, and bind blasting items.
2. Obtain the ciphertext file:
(1) Offline mode: log in to the civil explosion system → obtain the ciphertext file or generate the ciphertext two-dimensional code → import the ciphertext file into the initiator or scan the ciphertext two-dimensional code to obtain the ciphertext. This method is mainly applicable to underground mines and blasting areas without mobile signal coverage of the blasting project, the ciphertext file is valid for 3 days.
(2) Online mode: the initiator is connected to the mobile network → obtain the ciphertext file online for the products entered in the initiator. This method is mainly applicable to open-pit mines and blasting projects with mobile signal coverage in the blasting area, and the validity period of the ciphertext document is 3 days.
3. Single-hair detection: Before use, please perform single-hair detection on the product under safety protection conditions to ensure that the product is normal.
4, detonator into the hole, charging, filling (tunnel and underground mining face use, it is recommended to enter the detonator and set up a segmented delay time, then detonator into the hole, charging, filling)
5. Detonator entry and delay setting: enter the product according to the delay scheme by scanning the code → check the delay scheme.
6. Connection and networking: lay blasting bus → correctly clamp each product on the blasting bus.
7. Network detection: connect the blasting bus with the initiator → carry out network detection outside the safe distance
8. Timing initiation: alert → click timing initiation → high voltage charging → initiation.
9. Post-explosion inspection: according to the blasting regulations, after confirming the safety of the blasting area, the post-explosion inspection shall be carried out on the blasting area.

● When transporting, it should be handled with care, and friction and impact are strictly prohibited.
● Keep away from fire and heat sources to prevent sun, rain and moisture.
● It is forbidden to use the detonator as a drilling tool.
● This product shall not coexist with explosives and detonating cord.

Storage conditions:Sealed packaging conditions, stored in a well-ventilated, dry, fire-proof, anti-theft warehouse.
Shelf life:The shelf life is 24 months from the date of manufacture.
Packing form:The inner packing of this product is plastic bag, and the outer packing is corrugated box. Meet WJ9085-2015 requirements.

Product Name Foot line length Packing quantity Carton size
electronic detonator 2 m ~ 5 m 200 hair 615 × 325 × 265
4 m ~ 7 m 100 hair 470 × 320 × 260
8 m ~ 10 m 100 hair 615 × 325 × 265
11 m ~ 13 m 100 hair 610 × 300 × 300
14 m ~ 20 m 50 rounds 615 × 325 × 265
25 m ~ 30 m 50 rounds 610 × 300 × 300




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