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Pressure/impact initiator (temperature-resistant impact detonator)



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Product Description

Use:It is suitable for underground blasting engineering of oil and gas wells, and is the internal ignition part of the detonator used in the perforating charge, fracturing charge and so on.


detonator specifications Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Shell Material Shell material
Industrial 8 detonator 20 37±1 Aluminum alloy Steel

Performance index parameters:
Seismic performance: the product has no structural loosening, spraying, structural damage and explosion after 150mm ± 2mm, frequency 1Hz and continuous vibration for 10min.
Temperature resistance: at a temperature of (150±5)℃, constant temperature after 4h, the product without explosion.
Safety performance: with 307g drop hammer 0.5cm height striker impact, the product should not fire.
Impact initiation capability: take the product with qualified temperature resistance, use the special test tooling to impact with a striker with a height of 307g drop hammer of 10cm, and the product shall reliably fire and trigger the detonating cord conforming to SY/T6411-2008.

Method of use:Before use, install the product in the initiator in the protective facilities. There shall be no violent impact during operation to avoid falling. There shall be no external force extrusion and impact at the primer.
Note:Take it lightly to avoid impact and violent vibration. Keep away from fire and heat sources. It is prohibited to use this product on thunderstorm days.
Storage conditions:Sealed packaging conditions, stored in a well-ventilated, dry, fire-proof, anti-theft warehouse.
Shelf life:Products in the original packaging state, shelf life of 3 years.
Packing form:The inner packaging of this product is anti-static plastic box, and the outer packaging is corrugated box.

Packing specifications and indicators:

Product Name Cartons Packing quantity Carton size gross weight
initiator 1 50 310*310*220mm 6.4kg

Hazard classification and fitting category: 1.1B
UN Number: 0030




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